Systematic practice of innovation

Our Precess

Transform the past and create the future of education, which results in new economic growth engine.


Define the need to innovate and the opportunity to be exploited by all parties concerned.


Discover ideas, tools and techniques necessary to solve the problem identified - discovery phase.


Develop and build a solution to address a problem identified as an opportunity for the job to be done.


Demonstrate the technical feasibility and economical viability of the solution to be deploy.

Our Portfolio

For demonstration purposes.

Helping Industries to fast-track the adoption and prepare themselves to learn about the wonderful world of the 4th Industrial Revolution.

  • Dragon Express

  • Dragon Networking

  • Dragon Cloud

  • Dragon Mobility

  • Dragon Voice

  • Dragon 360

Great Possibilities

“Success is more likely to result from the systematic pursuit of opportunities than from a flash of genius.” – Peter Drucker



Areas of great interest comprises in the new economy: Data science, cloud computing and open-source ecosystem.


New business model are driven by machine learning, artificial intelligence, and automation - data intelligence.


Disruptive approach to innovation has become a success factor among leading startups across the globe.


Creating innovative distribution channels for local players driving the 4IR adoption within the emerging economies.


The need to build a manufacturing plant for the 4IR components or materials required to create the new economy.


Maintenance and support services require a new sets of training and skills development to make 4IR adoption a success.

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