Value Creation Tutor

Opportunity Background:

Welcome to the forefront of the Future of Work at Dragon Alexa, where traditional employment takes a back seat, and collaboration propels us into a dynamic Knowledge Economy. Join us as we redefine career paths through meaningful partnerships and value creation.

Job Brief Description:

As a Value Creation Tutor at Dragon Alexa, you will be a guiding force in nurturing the skills and mindset required for individuals to thrive in a knowledge-centric ecosystem.

Roles & Responsibilities:

In the role of Value Creation Tutor, your responsibilities will include empowering learners to understand and apply the principles of value creation in the evolving landscape of work.


We are seeking an enthusiastic educator who can inspire and guide learners to unlock their potential for value creation. Your creativity, passion, and commitment to fostering a culture of innovation will be key to your success in this role.

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